Realms / ភពងងឹត
ម៉ោងបញ្ចាំង - Showtime
សង្ខេបរឿង - Synopsis :

You've wondered ... why crazy things happen to you? This idea began when Winny and Earn were accidentally found in bank robberies in the middle of the day by two foreign thieves. Bobby and her boyfriend plan to escape the police by catching Winny and Earn, a hostage-force hostage. Choaw, the Chinese driver who was called to come to the bank to escape, regardless of life. It starts with a violent midday bank robbery as Bobby Prospero and his drug addict girlfriendJewel, escape the chaos with a full bag of cash and two teenage girls, Winny and Earn, who are already in the bank at the same time and are taken hostage. Also along is Chaow, a reluctant outcast who has no intention of serving as their getaway driver. nhưng tìm thấy anh ta không có lựa chọn với một khẩu súng ở đầu. Chaow peels off on the lamb
Movie Rate : NC15
Release Date : 2/Mar/2018
Duration : 92 mins
Director : N/A
Genre : N/A